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Hi I’m Kate! I’m your one stop shop to living a healthier and fuller life, whatever that may look like to you. I can sit here and tell you all about myself (which I will do later if you would like to read on), but I’d rather tell you about how I can serve you and your needs.

We all want a little more balance. We still want to have those days where we can go out for pizza or a burger and not feel guilty, while also keeping our body and mind fit. I can help you with this balance. I will teach you to focus on food components that will fuel your body and metabolism so those overindulgent days don’t hold you back from reaching your goals and don’t leave you feeling guilty.

Coming from a huge foodie, there is room for all food here. However, it’s learning the HOW and WHY that are the real secrets to changing your behaviors and achieving your goals. Let me help you achieve your goals so you can be at your best every single day!

Scroll down to learn more about my journey and experience.


My Journey & Experience

I have always had a love for food, but it wasn’t until my senior year of high school that I found out I could make nutrition my career. I am one of the few people I know who applied for college with a clear goal in mind. Fast forward four years later, I graduated from Virginia Tech with honors in Dietetics (aka Food and Nutrition). I then returned to my hometown, Philadelphia, and completed my dietetic internship (the program you must complete in order to be eligible to take the Registered Dietitian exam) as well as my Masters in nutrition at Immaculata University.

While completing my Masters and working as the Wellness Director and Dietitian at a local YMCA, I learned my passion for teaching fitness classes. I also realized how important it was for my clients to not only receive personalized nutrition strategies, but also personalized exercise routines in order to achieve the best results. I knew that needed to be my next goal. A few months after completing my Masters I received my personal training license and had the opportunity to train my nutrition clients. I saw the best results with my clients when I was able to be there to guide both their nutrition and exercise routines. 

However, as much as I loved my position there and the people (shoutout to my Y family!) I needed a scenery change and wanted more. So I packed my bags and headed to Italy for a three month, intensive culinary course focused on Mediterranean and Italian cuisine. Normal next step right? I had taught numerous nutrition seminars and cooking demos, but always felt like ‘why should I be able to teach people how to cook just because I’m a dietitian’? I wanted to hone in on my culinary skills and Italy seemed like the perfect place for it. I was able to do just that, while learning many new skills and cooking methods. However, one of my greatest takeaways from my time in Italy was learning to work more on calming my mind and body. It was the best experience and felt it was a reset to my current life and mindset. To put it simply, I learned to incorporate more balance in my life and allow for more check-ins with myself about how I’m feeling, which is a big part of successfully changing your behaviors.

Shortly after returning from Italy my fiancé Pat and I moved to Santa Cruz, California where we now reside to create the life and balance we always wanted and knew we needed. I will never stop trying to create more balance in my life and educating myself for my clients. Come on this journey with me and give me the opportunity to help you create your master recipe for a healthier and fuller life.  




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